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Difference between clarifying, detox and deep cleansing shampoo.

Difference between clarifying, detox and deep cleansing shampoo.

One of the things I love most about my profession is staying on top of new products, classic products that still work, and those products that everyone knows about, but no one really understands their purpose. This time, I want to explain a product that often gets overlooked or not given much importance but is creating a trend in the hair care industry: deep cleansing shampoo, detox shampoo, and clarifying shampoo.

As an expert in hair care and trends, I feel the responsibility to clarify why these are essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. Each one has its specific purpose and benefits, so let's break them down so you know who should use them, who shouldn't, how, and when to use them.


Clarifying Shampoo

Difference and Benefits:

  1. The function of this shampoo is to open the cuticle and clean it from the inside out. This shampoo is used in beauty salons when deep treatments like keratin are applied, where the product needs to penetrate the hair fiber, so the cuticle must be opened before applying the treatment.
  2. Clarifying shampoo is designed to remove product buildup, oils, and residues from the scalp and hair. It is especially useful if you use a lot of styling products like gel, spray, or creams, as these can leave residues that a regular shampoo cannot completely remove.

Application Method:

Clarifying shampoo is not highly recommended for home use; it’s best left to the experts in the salon. This shampoo is strong, and I wouldn't recommend using it frequently.

Who Can Use It:

Ideal for people who want deep treatments that change the texture of the hair, like keratin treatments, straightening, and permanent waving. If you have oily hair or use a lot of styling products, it’s suitable. It is not recommended for colored or very dry hair, as it can be quite aggressive and strip the natural oils from the hair.


Detox Shampoo:

Difference and Benefits:

  1. Purifies environmental pollutants.
  2. Detox shampoo focuses on purifying the hair and scalp from environmental pollutants and toxins.
  3. It contains ingredients that help remove deep impurities and revitalize the hair.

    Application Method:

    Can be used once a week. Apply an adequate amount to wet hair, gently massage the scalp and hair for a few minutes, and rinse well. It’s beneficial to follow up with a conditioning treatment or a hydrating mask.

    Who Can Use It:

    Suitable for all hair types, especially for those living in urban areas with high pollution. It is not ideal for daily use as it can be too intense.


    Deep Cleansing Shampoo:

    Difference and Benefits:

    As a stylist, salon owner, and creator of a hair care product line, I can say that deep cleansing shampoo is one of the best products we’ve created. It removes product buildup from gels, sprays, waxes, and leave-in conditioners. It cleanses natural oils and sebum that accumulate on the scalp, allowing the follicles to breathe and the hair to grow stronger and thicker. Here are some benefits:

    Hair Purification:

    •   Detoxifies hair from impurities and environmental pollutants.
    •   Removes hard water minerals that can leave hair dull and lifeless.

     Scalp Health Improvement:

    •   Helps prevent scalp issues like dandruff and irritation.
    •   Promotes a clean and healthy scalp, which is crucial for hair growth.

     Increases Efficacy of Other Products:

    •  Allows hair treatments and conditioners to penetrate better, increasing their efficacy.
    •  Improves the hair’s ability to absorb nutrients from other products.



    Uses of Deep Cleansing Shampoo

    Frequency of Use:
    Use once a week or every two weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair, the amount of product you use, and the buildup you experience.

    Application Method:

    •   Apply a generous amount to wet hair.
    •    Massage well into the scalp and hair from roots to tips.
    •    Leave it on for a few minutes for a deeper cleanse.
    •    Rinse thoroughly and follow up with a good hydrating conditioner or mask.


    Who Should Use It

     People with Oily Hair:
    Those with an oily scalp who feel their hair gets dirty quickly.

    Frequent Users of Styling Products:
    If you use a lot of styling products like gel, mousse, hairspray, or waxes.

    People who swim regularly in chlorinated pools, as it helps remove chlorine residue.

    People Living in Urban Areas:
    Those exposed to high levels of pollution and environmental contaminants.


    Who Should Not Use It

    Dyed or Chemically Treated Hair:
    Not recommended for newly dyed or chemically treated hair like perms, straightening, or coloring, as it can fade the color or affect the treatment. This is because most deep cleansing shampoos perform deep cleaning and could shorten the duration of treatments or color.

    Very Dry or Damaged Hair:
    If your hair is extremely dry, brittle, or damaged, frequent use of this shampoo can worsen the condition by stripping away the natural oils needed to maintain hydration.

    Sensitive Scalp:
    People with sensitive scalps may find it too strong and irritating.


    Deep cleansing shampoo is an excellent tool for maintaining healthy hair and scalp free from product buildup and contaminants. However, it’s important to use it in moderation and always follow up with a hydrating conditioner or treatment to ensure the hair retains its moisture and vitality. It is ideal for people with oily hair, frequent users of styling products, swimmers, and those exposed to pollution, while not recommended for dyed hair, extremely dry hair, or sensitive scalps.

    To summarize:

    • Clarifying Shampoo: Used to open the cuticle and deposit treatments within the cortex to modify hair texture. It’s more of a professional product and not recommended for frequent home use.
    • Detox Shampoo: Purifies environmental pollutants. Weekly use. Suitable for everyone, but not for daily use.
    • Deep Cleansing Shampoo: A milder formula than clarifying shampoo. Weekly use. Suitable for everyone. Use sparingly if you have color or semi-permanent treatments.

    I hope this guide helps you choose the right shampoo to deeply or detox cleanse your hair.


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