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Men's Haircuts: Everything You Need to Know

Men's Haircuts: Everything You Need to Know
Men also want to stay fashionable, and the haircuts that are IN right now are what I’ll show you below. There are styles for all ages and preferences. To decide which one suits you best, several factors must be considered, including your face shape, hair type, whether you’ll maintain the cut (some need trimming every 3 weeks, others every 5 weeks, and every 3 months), and the use of products to define the style. What is certain is that men who commit to their style visit the salon or barbershop more frequently than women.


Mullet Cut

The mullet cut is a big trend for 2023. This rebellious cut is inspired by the fashion of the 70s and 80s but with a modern twist. It is worn short on the top, shaved on the sides, and longer at the back. Ideal for all hair types and oval, round, and square faces (for the latter two, add some volume on top)

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The undercut features a disconnection between the top and bottom of the hair. To achieve this, shave the sides and back of the neck, leaving the top longer. This cut is perfect for men with a lot of hair, as it removes considerable volume. You can vary the length, from short to long. If your face is oval, you can wear it any way you like. If it’s long, go for medium length without lifting it on top. For round, square, or triangular faces, keep it medium to long.

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The pompadour is characterized by volume on the top and front, creating a unique style. The sides and back of the neck are trimmed. This look is great for oval faces, as well as round and square faces since it elongates by adding volume on top.

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Curly Fade

If you have curly hair, this cut will make your curls look their best. Leave the curls on top and create a fade on the sides and back. It’s very important to apply a light gel to define your curls and prevent frizz.


( Image Source: Instagram )

Caesar Cut

Inspired by Roman times, the Caesar cut made a strong comeback this year after being all the rage in the 90s. It’s a very comfortable and practical short style with bangs brushed forward. If you have a receding hairline, this cut is perfect for concealing it.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is experiencing a revival after being trendy in the 80s and 90s. This style features two layers: the top layer forms the bowl, with the bangs, sides, and back at the same length. The second layer is cut short or shaved to accentuate the bowl. This cut is ideal for long faces or those with a wide forehead.

Medium Layered Cut

The medium layered cut is perfect for any hair type. Layers add movement and texture to your hair, but they can also help control volume if that’s an issue for you. This style gives a natural and relaxed vibe, making it great for balancing triangular faces.

Long Haircut

The long cut, or shoulder-length hair, gives you a more casual look. This style suits all hair types, prioritizing the natural texture of your hair. Layers and texturizing are key to making it look fantastic. It’s excellent for round, square, and triangular faces.

Military Cut

The military cut is the classic short style that can look formal or informal depending on your style and attire. It features a fade on the sides and back, with the top left longer. This cut works well for oval faces. For round and square faces, leave the sideburns longer and style the top with pomade to add some height.

I hope one of these 9 cuts inspires you to refresh your look. Remember, our image and style are crucial when presenting ourselves for a job, a conference, or closing a deal. Don't wait any longer, choose one!

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